We need YOU on School Council!

Did you know that this past year the council at CVES ran the following?

  • Hot Lunch Program
  • Milk Program
  • Fun Night, Movie Nights, Christmas Shopping Day, Popcorn days
  • Spent $15,000 on new library furniture to revitalize our space for better use by all students.
  • Funded $10,000 in Ad-hoc requests (requests made by parents or teachers for funds for use in the school and classrooms such as: Blues in the School, outdoor recess equipment, Butterfly larvae kits,Guest author Eric Wilson visit, Intermediate Paint day, Talent fest,Career Day).
  • Screening of the movie “Screenagers” and MindMasters presentation.

We are in need of new executive members for the 2017-18 school year. Without an executive body, these events and activities ARE NOT POSSIBLE and will not continue.
That’s right. If the positions are not filled by new members, the Castor Valley School Council will cease to exist.

The following positions will need to be filled:

  • Chair/Co-Chair and/or Vice-Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
Please see descriptions of the positions below.

Thank you!

Have a wonderful summer!

Executive Roles and Responsibilities

  • Chair and Vice-Chair (s) or Co-Chairs and Vice-Chair (any combination works!)
    Responsible for:

    • Keeps council members up to date on relevant events & initiatives
    • Council reporting to the OCDSB
    • Works with Treasurers to track spending
    • Liaising with Principal and other school staff
    • Meetings (agendas preparation and distribution, minute distribution, attendance, follow up)
    • Membership & Constitution
    • Email database
    • School-Wide emails
    • Liaising with OCDSB and other external groups/organizations
    • Providing Principal with information for any CVESC news on weekly school emails
    • Creating and updating other social media outlets (facebook, twitter, pinterest etc)
    •  Website updates
    • Attending ad-hoc meeting
    • Attending and chairing council meetings
    • Application and reporting for PRO Grant
    • Help promote council involvement to new and current families
    • Oversee coordinator positions/working groups (Environment/ Inclusive Safe and Caring Schools, Fundraising, Events (Fun Night, Christmas Shopping day etc), Community Liaison, Library Renewal
    • Coordinate Volunteers for all council initiatives (it is STONGLY recommended that council form a committee for this role or it be a shared position and not the sole responsibility of the Chair/Co-Chairs.).
  • Co-Treasurer (shared position. Only responsibilities for open position are listed)
    Responsible for:

    • Sets budget for following year
    • Tracks spending and cash flow, and ensures alignment with budget and provides monthly reports at Council meetings
    • Organizes Ad Hoc requests and coordinates the Ad Hoc Budget meeting and tracks requests and usages of Ad Hoc budget monies
  • Co-Secretary (shared position. One position is open).
    Responsible for:

    • Attends at least half of the council meetings in coordination with the other co-secretary.
    • Gathers reports before meeting
    • Records meeting minutes
    • Completes minutes and sends to Chair for review
    • Ensures meeting minutes and financial reports are stored in a safe place and backed up
    • Keeping track of Council membership
    • Keeping track of Council meeting attendance

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