Bus Information


The Ottawa Student Transportation Authority (OSTA) is your main source of information regarding your child’s transportation to and from school.

Castor Valley Elementary is in OSTA’s East Zone. The OSTA representative for East Zone can be contacted at 613-224-8800 ext.2380 or east@ottawaschoolbus.ca

Frequently Asked Questions – OSTA

Click here to link to the OSTA website FAQ’s (http://www.ottawaschoolbus.ca/bus-routes/faqs)

Frequently Asked Questions – CVES

Many of our parents have had additional questions about bus transportation that are not answered on the OSTA website. For that reason we have compiled the following questions and answers for your convenience.

I understand that junior and senior kindergarten students will not be dropped off unless there is a caregiver there to meet them. What should I do if I am running late to meet my child at the bus stop?
Parents should call OSTA, East Zone at 613-224-8800 ext. 2380 to let them know of the situation and when you expect to be at the stop. If your child is a kindergarten student and there is no parent at the stop, the driver will notify his/her bus company and the bus company will call your contact numbers. If there is no response, the bus driver may attempt to drop your child off later in the route. If you are still not at the stop, your child will be returned to the school and you will need to go there to pick up your child.

As a parent, how can I ensure that OSTA has my correct contact information?
It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure they have given the correct information to the school. The contact information that the school has in the student’s record is what is received by OSTA.

If I am not able to pick up my junior or senior kindergarten child at the bus stop and my child is taken back to the school, who will be at the school with my child until I get there?
Once OSTA receives information that a child needs to go back to a school due to a parent not being at the stop, the bus company or OSTA will contact the school to say they are returning. OSTA is usually able to reach someone from the school after the school closes, and if this is not possible, the driver will wait at the school until the parent arrives.

If I am not able to be at the bus stop to get my junior or senior kindergarten child, can I have a neighbour take my child off the bus?
The parent should phone OSTA if they are not going to make it to a stop. If they have a neighbor that can meet the child we will ensure that person’s name is relayed to the driver as the driver will not release a kindergarten child to anyone that is not authorized.

Can I let my kindergarten child walk to and/or wait at the bus stop with an older student neighbour?
Yes. If a parent is comfortable with their child waiting at the stop in the morning with another student, it would be advisable to let OSTA know. When the students are in kindergarten they are to be accompanied by a responsible adult, unless otherwise arranged. Obviously we would be more concerned with who is taking a child off the bus, but it would still be wise to have the information on file.

How will my kindergarten child know when it is his or her turn to get off the bus when coming home?
Each bus driver has all the students listed on a manifest with their stop locations. Kindergarten children are flagged and have a yellow tag that is supplied. That tag is attached to the backpack by the school and indicates the child’s stop in the case of a substitute bus driver.

If my child is not going on the bus do I have to contact the bus driver to let them know?
Generally speaking the bus driver should do the complete route whether students are missing or not in order to keep the time at stop locations accurate. If your child is the only one at the stop, you may call OSTA and we will relay that information to the bus company, but it is not required.

How do I know if my child’s bus is delayed?
Bus companies will post delays on the OSTA website at http://www.ottawaschoolbus.ca You will need to know your child’s bus route number to determine if a specific bus is running late. If nothing is posted, families should not wait more than 10-15 minutes for a bus before calling OSTA and we will contact the bus company and find out where the bus is and the expected arrival at the stop.

How do I know what bus route / bus company my child is with?
This information is available on the OSTA website between August and October of each school year, but is removed on October 1st due to the high number of schedule changes made during the start of the school year. To determine your child’s bus route number or bus company after September, please call OSTA – East Zone or the school. (It is important to note that the school uses different numbers to refer to the bus numbers and that these are not the same as the OSTA route numbers.)

You can also use the stop finder utility, which can be found on the OSTA website https://tracs.ottawaschoolbus.ca/public/stopfinder.asp

For what type of transportation issue should I contact: The school? The bus company? OSTA?
Call the school for address changes or to report driver concerns or behavioural issues on the bus.
Email OSTA at east@ottawaschoolbus.ca to request a new or relocated bus stop.
Call OSTA, East Zone with any questions regarding the route itself.
Call the bus company to report driver concerns or to locate an item that has gone missing on the bus.