This is your School Council!

We have a great community of students, teachers, staff, parents, volunteers here at Castor Valley. Everyone works together to make the school as great as it can be. School Council meets nearly every month to discuss how we can support the best learning environment for our kids. Whether that means purchasing items the school needs, organizing events to raise necessary funds, or to supplement learning with guest visits and parent workshops. We are always working for you!

We’ve finished the 2016 part of the 2016-17 year! Hard to believe! I’d like to quickly mention a few of the great things we’ve done so far this year.

  • Opened our new KinderYard!!!
  • Launch of our Library Project. We’ve received many book donations, raised $375 so far from our Indigo Fundscrip program, compiled results from our survey, and are busy planning how to best reconfigure our library space.
  • Granted a number of Ad Hoc requests (including items like reusable paint supplies needed for the Intermediate Painting Day and visit from Author Eric Wilson)
  • Had a Halloween Movie Night (a winter movie night is coming up soon!)
  • Hosted a guest visit by renowned mystery writer, Eric Wilson! Eric Wilson at Castor Valley | CVESC16111671_10157998012150024_1862628966_n
  • Participated in local events like Remembrance Day ceremonies and the Metcalfe Christmas Parade.parade2016
  • Hosted our annual Christmas Shopping Day and the Intermediate Paint Dayshoppingday2016file_000

Join us at our next meeting in the library on Thursday January 19th at 6:30pm. We’d love your input into planning our next steps!

A Season of Gift Giving!

Happy New Year!

Council was delighted to find out that many generous donations were made to our library over the holidays!

I don’t have the complete list of all the gifts received, but I would like to take a moment to say thank you for the following donations:
Oppel – in the name of Mme Bickmore by Kyra Labossiere
Grau – in the name of Mme Frechette by Teagan Labossiere

terryfoxand from the Wishing Tree:
Le Chat au Chapeau, Dr Suess – donated in the name of Mme Kouassi by Teagan Labossiere.
Aesop’s Fables by Ann McGovern – donated in the name of Mme Kemp by Kyra and Teagan Labossiere
Le courage de Terry Fox by Maxine Trottier – donated in the name of M Grassau by Kyra Labossiere
Bug in a Rug by Russell Punter – donated in the name of M Lalonde by Teagan Labossiere
101 Animal Superpowers by Melvin Berger – donated in the name of Mme Tustin by Kyra Labossiere

Thank you Labossiere Family!!!

Have a look out for these new books during Library time! Happy Reading!