A Season of Gift Giving!

Happy New Year!

Council was delighted to find out that many generous donations were made to our library over the holidays!

I don’t have the complete list of all the gifts received, but I would like to take a moment to say thank you for the following donations:
Oppel – in the name of Mme Bickmore by Kyra Labossiere
Grau – in the name of Mme Frechette by Teagan Labossiere

terryfoxand from the Wishing Tree:
Le Chat au Chapeau, Dr Suess – donated in the name of Mme Kouassi by Teagan Labossiere.
Aesop’s Fables by Ann McGovern – donated in the name of Mme Kemp by Kyra and Teagan Labossiere
Le courage de Terry Fox by Maxine Trottier – donated in the name of M Grassau by Kyra Labossiere
Bug in a Rug by Russell Punter – donated in the name of M Lalonde by Teagan Labossiere
101 Animal Superpowers by Melvin Berger – donated in the name of Mme Tustin by Kyra Labossiere

Thank you Labossiere Family!!!

Have a look out for these new books during Library time! Happy Reading!

CV Libary’s Wishlist: List #1


Good morning Castor Valley !

Last month we launched our Library Project in an effort to raise funds for enhancing our technology and literacy needs at the school. A library should be a hub of learning and we’re excited to see how we can improve the space!

During Phase One of the project, we’re asking parents to help by:

  1. buying e-cards from Chapters-Indigo on Flipgive. We receive 20% back to spend on books for our library. So far, we’ve raised $120. E-cards are immediately available to use online or in-store (from a phone or printed off).
  2. take an ornament from our Library Wishing Tree. If you’re in the school, check out our Wishing Tree. Take an ornament of your choosing and purchase the book listed on the ornament to donate back to the library. You will have your name mentioned on the paper bookplate on the inside cover of the book AND get a thank you on our website (ask for anonymity if you’d prefer).
  3. donate a book on our bi-monthly librarian curated wish lists. Our librarian will have a list of books sent out to the school community in a CVES newsletter every other week. The list will be posted here on a new blog post as well as added to our wishlist page. Send us a quick email if you purchase a book so we can update our site to avoid duplication of donations. You will have your name mentioned on the paper bookplate on the inside cover of the book AND get a thank you on our website (ask for anonymity if you’d prefer).

If you purchase your donation from Chapters, please consider paying with a Flipgive e-card!!!

Here is our Wishlist: List#1:

  • La revanche des Loups by Sigmund Brouver – $ 7.00 –  have others in series in English only; Hockey
  • Chrysanthème (en francais) by Kevin Henkes –  2 copies repeatedly requested by Teachers
  • Dr. Critchlore’s School for Minions, Book 1  by Sheila Grau  – 9871419713705  – $16.00
  • Dr. Critchlore’s School for Minions, Book 2: Gorilla Tactics  by Sheila Grau – 9781419713712     $ 16.00
  • Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer by Kelly Jones – 978038575559  $ 16.00
  • Zoo Looking by Mem Fox 9781572550117 $ 18.00 –to replace much loved but damaged/discarded book
  • Upside Down Magic 3: Showing Off  by Sarah Mlynowski $ 8.00 – have book 1 in series; extremely popular author.
  • The King’s Taster by Kenneth Oppel $ 20.00
  • Demi-Frere by Kenneth Oppel $ 20.00
  • Le Prodigieux by Kenneth Oppel $ 25.00
  • Half-Brother by Kenneth Oppel – $ 13.00
  • An Incredible Case of Dinosaurs by Kenneth Oppel $ 7.00 – have rest in series
  • Such Wicked Intent by Kenneth Oppel $ 13.00
  • The Cats of Tanglewood Forest by Charles de Lint (Ottawa author) – $ 16.00
  • Les livres des sports (en francais) 
  • Guinness World Book of Records 2017 (in English & French) extremely popular, do not stay on bookshelves; 2 copies of each needed; were available at Costco.

Have a lovely day and thanks for being such an awesome community!!!

Wishlist: EDP Materials

Happy New Year! The students have settled nicely back into their school routines. Winter has arrived and Spring is scheduled for later this year I hear. In the meantime, I have a request to share from the Extended Day Program (EDP).

They are looking for materials. If you have any of the following items that you are willing to donate, please leave them at the school office:
-toilet paper rolls
-feathers; googlie eyes; string
-yogurt cups
-kleenex boxes
-old toys
-craft supplies (beads, sequins, glitter, markers, etc.)
-new board games
-play doh
-duct tape
-plastic disposable cups
-deck of cards
-paint brushers
-watercolour paint

Thank you so much for your donations and stay warm!