Extracurricular Activities

Have you ever wondered what extracurricular activities are available to your children? Here is a list of most of the activities (updated September 2019). Extracurriculars are not organized by the School Council so we are unaware when there are changes to this list. For more details, please contact the school.

Team Basketball Boys 4,5,6 April
Team Basketball Girls 4,5,6 April
Team Bordenball Boys 4,5,6 December
Team Bordenball Girls 4,5,6 December
Team Soccer Boys 6 October
Team Soccer Girls 6 October
Team Volleyball Boys 5,6 February
Team Volleyball Girls  5,6 February
Cross Country 4,5,6 Sept., Oct.
Track & Field 4,5,6 May, June
Intramurals 4,5,6 Sept. to May
Team Basketball Boys 7,8 Feb-March
Team Basketball Girls 7,8 Feb March
Team Soccer Boys 7,8 May,June
Team Soccer Girls 7,8 May,June
Team Volleyball Boys 7,8 Nov-Jan
Team Volleyball Girls 7,8 Nov-Jan
Badminton 8 April
Touch Football Boys 7,8 Sep-Oct
Touch Football Girls 7,8 Sep-Oct
Track & Field 7,8 May, June
Cross Country Running 7,8 Sep-Oct
Intramurals 7,8 Oct-June
Clubs and Events
Primary Choir 1-3 Sept-Dec
Junior Vocal Group 5,6 All year
Intermediate Vocal Ensemble 7,8 All year
Grade 7 Band 7
Grade 8 Band 8 All year
Ski Days 6-8 Feb-Mar, TBC
Yearbook 8 All year
Ambassadors 7,8 All year
Jump Rope for Heart All May
Lunch Monitors 6 All year
Terry Fox Run All Sept. 27th
Chess Club 3,4 November-March
Art Club 6,7,8 TBC
Green Team 4,5 All year
CastArt All May