Why we Fundraise
Where the Money Goes
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Why we fundraise

Schools are no longer funded with many of the things we remember having in our own schools when we were younger. The budget a school is given to operate is very bare bones. The list of items a school needs to flourish is ever-growing. To name a few: supplies, books, resources, new technology, field trip expenses, play yard equipment, musical items, sports equipment. In addition to the funds we raise to support these activities, the Council likes to provide fun events for students and the school community such as:, hot lunch and milk programs, Talentfest, Christmas Shopping Day, Staff Appreciation Lunch, Grad Night, Yearbooks, Lecture Series.

The School Council is VERY sensitive to the fact that fundraising takes money out of parent’s pockets. Our goal is to find ways to optimize our fundraising and offer choices that appeal to parents. All fundraising is completely voluntary.

Where the Money Goes

Each year Castor Valley Elementary School Council raises money to fund a vast number of initiatives throughout the year. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

Arts Performances and workshops
– We believe that all children should have the opportunity to experience many different things. Throughout the year, Castor Valley plays host to a variety of special events and workshops. Some of these events are geared towards to development and enhancement of specific student talents and skills, while others are academically oriented. Workshop themes include the promotion of life skills, leadership skills, self-confidence, safety, and much more. No matter the purpose, these initiatives add tremendous value to you child’s educations and experience at Castor Valley.

Ad hoc requests
– Throughout the school year several ad hock requests for funds are submitted to Council. These requests can vary in nature and may include anything from the purchase of new balls for the school yard, to new instruments for the music program.
Parents, Teachers, and Staff can make these requests. We have an Ad Hoc meeting every October to determine which submissions we are able to fulfill. Ad Hoc submissions can be submitted throughout the year for our consideration if there are still funds available. You can print off  a copy of the form here: cvesc-request-for-funds-form5.pdf



Steeped Tea. For our Fall Fundraiser, we are selling the award winning, Canadian owned Steeped Tea. Forms should arrive home in your youngest or only child’s backpack. There are 12 teas 3 infusers for sale. All items are $12 each (infusers have additional HST). Please contact our Steeped Tea rep, Jenni Bell if you have questions about the fundraiser or Steeped Tea. The ingredients list can be found here: fundraiser_ingredients_list-aug-1-2016. The form can be found here. Forms are due back on November 14th.


Cedar Bush Creations. A CVES family makes these whimsical woodland creatures. This year they’ve added a few new friends to the mix! See their Facebook page for additional photos. Their order form can be found here. Forms are due back on Friday November the 18th.

Chapters-Indigo Fundraiser. We have arranged an online fundraiser through Chapters-Indigo where we receive 20% in-store credit (which our librarian can use directly to buy books aligned with school board policy). Simply buy e-cards from and apply them to your online shopping card at, use on your phone or print off for in-store use, or even send the e-cards directly to a friend. The Fundraiser is ongoing so please consider using it whenever you shop at Chapters-Indigo. See our handout poster here.


 Mabel’s labels offers the perfect solution to your labelling woes.  With hundreds of sizes and designs to choose from, Mabels Labels have the perfect label for your needs.  Each time you order from Mabel’s Labels, Castor Valley Can Benefit too.

Go to Mabel’s Labels and select Castor Valley from the drop down menu under Fundraisers.

fundraisers - fundscrip

100% of money raised through our Fundscrip initiative goes towards our Kinder Play Yard Improvement project.  Fundscrip gives Castor Valley families the opportunity to support our school by purchasing gift cards for things they would buy anyway like groceries, gas, restaurants, and much more!  For each gift card purchased, Castor Valley gets a percentage of the sale.  Purchases can be made online or by form (TBA).  If ordering online please use the following code: TTBPDL.

Current projects and EVENTS

Library Improvement Plan 

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