Council Executive Roles

Executive Roles and Responsibilities

  • Chair and Vice-Chair (s) or Co-Chairs and Vice-Chair (any combination works!)
    Responsible for:

    • Keeps council members up to date on relevant events & initiatives
    • Council reporting to the OCDSB
    • Works with Treasurers to track spending
    • Liaising with Principal and other school staff
    • Meetings (agendas preparation and distribution, minute distribution, attendance, follow up)
    • Membership & Constitution
    • Email database
    • School-Wide emails
    • Liaising with OCDSB and other external groups/organizations
    • Providing Principal with information for any CVESC news on weekly school emails
    • Creating and updating other social media outlets (facebook, twitter, pinterest etc)
    •  Website updates
    • Attending ad-hoc meeting
    • Attending and chairing council meetings
    • Application and reporting for PRO Grant
    • Help promote council involvement to new and current families
    • Oversee coordinator positions/working groups (Environment/ Inclusive Safe and Caring Schools, Fundraising, Events (Fun Night, Christmas Shopping day etc), Community Liaison, Library Renewal
    • Coordinate Volunteers for all council initiatives (it is STONGLY recommended that council form a committee for this role or it be a shared position and not the sole responsibility of the Chair/Co-Chairs.).
  • Co-Treasurer (shared position. Only responsibilities for open position are listed) 
    Responsible for:

    • Sets budget for following year
    • Tracks spending and cash flow, and ensures alignment with budget and provides monthly reports at Council meetings
    • Organizes Ad Hoc requests and coordinates the Ad Hoc Budget meeting and tracks requests and usages of Ad Hoc budget monies
  • Co-Secretary (shared position. One position is open). 
    Responsible for:

    • Attends at least half of the council meetings in coordination with the other co-secretary.
    • Gathers reports before meeting
    • Records meeting minutes
    • Completes minutes and sends to Chair for review
    • Ensures meeting minutes and financial reports are stored in a safe place and backed up
    • Keeping track of Council membership
    • Keeping track of Council meeting attendance