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Our fundraising initiative launched at Meet The Teacher night on the 22nd of September, 2016. When you are in the school, be sure to check out the ornaments on our “Wishing Tree”.

Why are we Fundraising? Is it really necessary?
How Can I help?
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Sponsors and Big Thank yous!

Why are we Fundraising? Is it really necessary?

Unfortunately, it is necessary to fundraise for our school library. School libraries in Ontario receive very little funding from the School Board or Province. In order to stay up-to-date with books, resources, and technology, we are in great need of financial help from our school community.

Our Council envisions a library that encourages literacy in a variety of media: Print, Audio/Visual, Digital. Evidence suggests that children learn in different ways. This is best achieved by having a choice of physical books, graphic novels, digital media (audio books, apps, websites).

A School Library thrives when it is a “flexible visual and virtual space” where students can feel free to explore resources and engage with technology.

We would like to raise money for:

  • Updated versions of resource materials
  • Greater variety of books
  • Renewal of technology
  • Furniture and better use of library space

How Can I help?

We will soon unveil our first phase of fundraising. Stay tuned and return often as we add more ways to help.If you have a suggestion for a fundraiser or way to help, or would like to make a donation, please contact us at: As well, we always welcome new members to our committee.

Phase One

  1. Chapters-Indigo Fundraiser. We have arranged an online fundraiser through Chapters-Indigo where we receive 20% in-store credit (which our librarian can use directly to buy books aligned with school board policy). Simply buy e-cards from and apply them to your online shopping card at, use on your phone or print off for in-store use, or even send the e-cards directly to a friend. The Fundraiser is ongoing so please consider using it whenever you shop at Chapters-Indigo. I tested one out today, and the e-card was available immediately. I wouldn’t hesitate to use it when I’m even shopping at the store at checkout. See our handout poster here.
  2. The Wish Tree. Our librarian, Mme Atkins has tree in her library. The ornaments are cards listed with the name of a book. The Castor Valley Community is encouraged to pick a card whenever they’d like and buy the book to be donated to the library. Mme. Atkins will keep the tree well-stocked with ornaments as wishes are granted.

Check back often for details on more fundraising options.

Articles on School Libraries

Videos about School Libraries

Sponsors and Big Thank Yous!

Become a Sponsor

If you’d like to become a Sponsor or know of a corporation or family that would like to donate, please contact us at:


A huge thank you to everyone who contributes to this project, whether it is with behind-the-scenes planning, using our Indigo FlipGive fundraiser, donating funds, corporate sponsoring, or purchasing a book from our library “wishing tree”.

Wishing Tree Contributors

Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes from Annabelle Brown