Milk and Lunch

The Milk and Hot Lunch programs are currently suspended and will be re-instated at a later date. We have left the text below for informational purposes.

Hot Lunch Program
The Lunch Lady
Milk Program

The Hot Lunch Program

Forms are distributed in September and will typically be found here.
Our Hot Lunch Program at Castor Valley is proudly catered by local companies.

The program is split into two rotations: Kindergarten-Gr.3 and Gr.4-8. Each group has a lunch every other Wednesday. The type of meal rotates.

Our school Lunch Program complies with the School Food and Beverage Policy from the Ontario Ministry of Education that came into effect September 1, 2011 for all Ontario schools

We continue to use Gabriel’s Pizza which offers their pizzas on a nutritious whole-grain thin crust. We will continue with our Subway lunches, and Red Dot Cafe will continue to provide chicken fingers as well as pastas (description on the order form). Please note if your child is absent for the day, their lunch will not be kept for the next day nor will it be sent home with a sibling.

The Lunch Lady

On Mondays and Thursdays, we have lunches catered by The Lunch Lady.

The Lunch Lady has been preparing and delivering individually catered hot and cold lunches to children at school since 1993. They are the largest provider of this service in Canada, serving thousands of children every school day through nearly 50 kitchens, in 5 provinces!

Programs are fully compliant with the school nutrition requirements of all Canadian provinces. This includes Ontario’s new School Food and Beverage Policy [PPM 150], which the Lunch Lady has been fully compliant with since September 2010.

To register or order your meals, please visit

The Milk Program

The milk program allows you to pre-order fresh, cold milk for your child/children, which is sorted and delivered to each classroom for the first Nutrition Break. The milk is delivered twice a week from and stored in fridges. Approximately 1 hour before the first Nutrition Break, a Parent Volunteer sorts the milk for each class into a cooler bag, along with a cold pack, ensuring the milk will be as cold as possible.

This program is run strictly by Parent Volunteers, who sort the milk, and Student Volunteers, who deliver the milk to the classes. This program is not run by the School, and funds generated are used by the Castor Valley Elementary School Council to use for funding projects, purchasing books, trips, work on the school yard, etc, that are not covered by the school budget.

Forms are distributed twice each year and will be found here once the program is reinstated.

2 thoughts on “Milk and Lunch

  1. Saman Fradette says:

    Hi there, we missed the second round of forms for the milk program as we were away on holiday. Is it possible to join late? My daughter was quite upset that we missed it.

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