Talentfest 2018

Castor Valley Talentfest – Back Again in May 2018!

Talentfest Returns! Once again this year, we are looking for individual and group performances including dancing, singing, musical instruments, comedians, magicians and other creative acts to put on a show like no other! All ages are welcome from JK to grade 8! We challenge you to get creative!! Check out some youTube videos and see what unique ideas you and your friends can come up with!

There are always a lot of students who want to participate, so as in previous years each student will only be allowed to participate in ONE act to allow more students the opportunity to participate.

CRITERIA – We will be choosing acts that meet ALL the following criteria:

  1. Performer has considered the time guidelines (up to 1.5 mins for JK to grade 3, up to 2 mins for grades 4-5, up to 3.5 mins for grades 6-8). Please note that we do not wish to cause undue stress for auditions, so these time estimates will not be strictly enforced during auditions, but please take them into consideration when you are planning your act!
  2. Lyrics, costumes and performances are appropriate for an audience of all ages.
  3. Performer has a clear plan for their performance and demonstrates that they have practiced their performance prior to the audition.
  4. Performer submitted a complete online registration form by Monday, March 5th  8pm


Audition Forms Due Monday, March 5th
Auditions Dates Tues, March 27th 4:15pm to 6:15pm and Wed, March 28th 4:15pm to 6:15pm
Dress Rehearsal Evening of Tuesday, May 8th
Performance Dates Wednesday, May 9th and
Thursday, May 10th

Please complete your registration online.


Online registration requires a parent/guardian to acknowledge that he/she grants permission for your involvement in Talentfest. Please ensure you have a parent available before you begin the online registration process.

Update April 16: We have all the MCs that we need – thank you! Registration is now closed.

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