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Did you know that the third week of November is Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week across Ontario? At Castor Valley we have designated this week as Castor Valley Has the Courage to Communicate Week. We believe that COMMUNICATION is a key component in preventing bullying and promoting a safe school and a positive learning environment for all. Communicating effectively isn’t as easy as it sounds! It can be difficult to find the words for what you want to say. In some situations, it takes real courage to speak up!

In collaboration with Jennifer Laale, founder of “Be Your Best”, CVES has developed a tool to help students communicate their observations, feelings, thoughts, intentions and actions. Each student will be coming home this week with a copy of this “Communication Circle” which was either added to their agenda (on page 14) or will be in the note-tote for our kindergarten students. We hope that you will review this tool with your child. It will be used at school, but it can also be used when communicating at home, with friends or elsewhere in the community.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding the circle, the Inclusive Safe & Caring School Committee would like to hear from you. Please feel free to contact Committee Lead, Jen Danby McDonald at

Communication Circle (English) (French)

Communication Circle – Suggested Questions

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Many parents have asked about the Entertainment Books, so we are bringing them back, but with a new twist!

We are trying something new this year!!! Instead of selling the Entertainment books, we have decided to sell the Mobile App version of the Entertainment book.

Why?  For several reasons:

  1. Costco also sells the Entertainment books, at a lower cost, at the end of the fall season.
  2. The Mobile App is only $20 and is much more convenient.
  3. People tend to forget the Entertainment book at home, but very rarely do we leave our phones behind.
  4. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s worth it.
  5. There are many offers included with the App that are not in the book.
  6. Not only does the Mobile App include deals available within the Ottawa area, it also includes online and mobile content in all locations where the Entertainment book and app is sold (100+ North American Cities)

Click here for complete details.

For a list of all available deals, please feel free to check out the Entertainment website:

As always, participation in this fundraiser is completely voluntary

Money raised will go towards 2014/2015 Council initiatives.

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As the 2014 – 2015 school year gets under way we continue to work on our School Council website and encourage you to get involved!  Explore the site and let us know how we can improve.  

Check back often for more information.  Please note that our first School Council meeting is scheduled for September 18th.  These meetings are always open and parents are welcome to attend, whether you are a council member or not.

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